In order to preserve the finite resources that are used in the textile industry, in addition to the attention we already have with the selection of fabrics, for example, we want to take another step, always towards an increasingly sustainable future.

From August we open a section in our store where you can find some pieces that were not considered for sale. Why? Some have small defects, other parts were prototypes of others that even existed, only to test the cut in leftovers of fabrics that were not the final ones.

All pieces will be unique and will not be sold anywhere else without being this particular section. The defects and the history of the piece will be detailed both in the image and in the description of the product and, due to the character of the sale, we do not make any exchanges or returns of the same.

In this way, we avoid textile waste in ready-to-use pieces, at a reduced price.

If you want to look at these pieces, you can access Bauy Community Shop through this link.

We leave you here a sneak peak Of parts that you can find

Text Francisco Barros

11 of September of 2023 — Diana Nobre