It is in small circles that we try to join people who love the feeling of sand between their toes or the salt in their hair as much as we do.

In one of these circles, between shells and shells, we find the @ Rocha_amar, A project by Jessica that focuses on the construction of wires that take some of the sea and the sands to our breasts. Hence the idea of building a collaboration was practically immediate

'Jessica has been working with us for about half a year as a content creator and we always liked the person she was, very pure, genuine and always true with her emotions. When she created the Rock, The willingness to help and be part of a project linked to the sea, nature and coming from a skater/surfer was instant. We were already a small business and we know that we can all help and, this desire for sharing, for help, is a very beautiful characteristic of human beings'-Diana Nobre, creator of Bauy

Hostages of the little things that Nature left in the sands, the creative pre-planning of each article was impossible, but that was precisely what made them so special. Each piece is truly unique and brings with it the sound of the sea, the waves and the heat of the sand.

Bauy drew attention to me not only for the products, but mainly for the story of how it was created. The roots in surfing, the connection to the sea, the desire to produce something with conscience and without waste and the Portuguese flag that accompanies the project, something that, as Portuguese, we must always support'

You can let yourself be taken by the sea and find some of the unique pieces Here below

We’ll stay salty. What about you? 🌊

Text: Francisco Barros

22 of August of 2023 — Diana Nobre