It took us 15 days to write about this because we wanted to see and deal with the emotional journey that is the film. From the 2D sets, the practical effects, the Margot Robbie outfits to the real existential crises the film takes us to, Barbie is a comedy, but it's also a pink-clad drama 🎀

Greta Gerwig has been surprising since 2017, as a director, with the acclaimed Lady Bird, later with Little Women in 2019, and now with Barbie. This arsenal of three films of the director has ratings above 90%, making it clear that this passage of Greta to the back of the camera was a decision that has benefited (and a lot) the world of cinema.

In addition to the technical aspects of the film, the world also stopped for the marketing campaign, the partnerships between brands and the film or brands that simply wanted to join this movement all pink! From entire clothing collections based on Barbie and Ken looks, to disappointing burgers with pink sauce or even the creation of a pasta recipe with pink sauce by Pingo Doce, the brands that didn't talk about Barbie in this last month simply didn't exist – this statement is clear hyperbole given that we didn't and we're here to tell 👀

If you want to join the movement, we don't promise you Barbie's bright and very characteristic pink and instead we leave you with our pink, well Bauy!

Skirt and shirt

Top, Necklace, shell necklace, glasses and rings

Pants, top, wallet and glasses

Text: Francisco Barros

07 of August of 2023 — Diana Nobre