Female, male or somewhere in? We got you covered!

The perception of what is male or female has become increasingly comprehensive, and good. The social constructions that women have to wear only tight clothes and that men can only wear sober clothes do not sit on Bauy.

We are for experimentation, for the challenge of the comfort zones of each one, we are willing to take a risk, but, despite this, we are for comfort. It is important to us that anyone wearing our pieces feels comfortable and beautiful.

Within the team itself there is this "discomfort" with rules imposed by society as to what everyone should and can wear. Diana has always wanted to wear sweats and baggy pants and I also like to test my comfort zone, risking parts that continue to make me feel good.

Thus, we have worked on pieces that can travel between the sections of "Woman" and "Man" and we still do not have the traction to open a section without gender on the website, however, it is a future plan (hopefully next).

In the meantime, you are sharing photos of you with Bauy's pieces that make you feel good, regardless of the section where you found it. We promise to be attentive👀

Text: Francisco Barros

22 of April of 2024 — Diana Nobre