Shopping at the mall is faster, more practical and sometimes cheaper.

Whoever says this may be right. But have you stopped to think about how much you can help buy aSmall Business?

Here, your piece was made by D. Rosa and not by a child who, instead of playing like you have already played, is closed in a factory with inhuman conditions being exploited. This is what happens and will continue to happen if we continue to buy in storesFast fashion, To feed this money-making, whatever it takes, big business thirst.

Here, and especially in this new collection that we are now preparing, your piece is designed by Diana, who after idealizing what she wants, will buy the fabrics to the “trash” of these same companiesFast Fashion. And I say garbage in quotes precisely because they are woven into great condition most of the time. Good fabrics, which cease to interest them and quickly become kilos and kilos of garbage. Diana's work involves going to these factories to look for the best patchwork and giving new life to these fabrics, to offer the best to BAUY customers.

After this process, these tissues are taken to D. Linda, who carefully sees them, meter by meter, to ensure that the pieces are cut into the best parts of the same and without defect.

After having everything cut, he returns to D. Pink to bake everything, put the labels and the last details.

Each BAUY order is prepared by our Gigi, who with great affection, writes messages of thanks for giving us an opportunity to show you that we are also able to make fashion without hurting human beings and the environment at the same time.

You still have doubts that it is a thousand times better to buy in aSmall BusinessAnd that this will turn out to be the future?

If you have, book already in your calendar23.05 dayAnd believes that we will prove to you that it is possible to do amazing things with something that many people throw away.

P.s. Don't forget that working with fabric reuse also means that we are limited at the stock level, so there is very unlikely to be replacement.

Think differently, think ahead!

There is no Planet B ♻️

17 of May of 2024 — Diana Nobre