The trip to Copenhagen promised cold, big coats and hot drinks-it fulfilled everything! 🥶

We left Porto for Copenhagen on March 11. Since it was a 3:30 am trip, we arrived in Copenhagen quite late, around 9 pm. The way from the airport to the city center was made by train because it was the simplest way and we only paid about € 4 each-the only thing that seemed cheap on the whole trip😂

On the way to theSteel House Copenhagen, The hostel where we were going to stay during our stay, we realized the social dynamics was different since, at that time, there was no one on the street.

TheSteel HouseWas extremely pleasant with incredible social spaces and staff helpful, friendly and very fun-it had a games room, swimming pool, social kitchen, bar and cinema room (which was closed for works.

We stayed in a room with four beds which meant we didn't have to share with anyone else.

The next day we started early and, as usual, we started with a free walking tour to already check the most typical places in the city. We chose to do with Politically Incorrect Free Tours and we made theCopenhagen Highlights Tour.

The tour was a little simple, I feel like I didn't learn anything spectacular about the city, but I can't tell you if this is a problem with the city itself or the guides.

On this day we visit Strøget, the city's shopping street with lots of shops and where it is, too,Buka Bakery, Very well known for its cakes. I tasted the croissant with pistachio and drank a matcha latte which gave a total of about € 14🥲

Still during the afternoon we also visited theChristiania, A “free city” as its inhabitants call it. This small place is governed by its own laws and, for example, the houses in the city belong to everyone, there are no closed doors-and no one pays rent either. I didn't take pictures because I wasn't allowed due to drug abuse which is also quite casual over there.

The next day we were going toMalmö, A small town in Sweden which is just a 40-minute train ride from Copenhagen central station-the return cost per person is around € 26.

Malmö doesn't have much to see, but its picturesque look makes the one-day visit completely worth it. I leave here some places that you can visit:

  • Lilla Torg-perfect little square to start your tour
  • Malmö Konsthall-free modern art museum
  • Malmö stadsbibliotek-library that looks like a castle
  • Castle Mill-this small mill is set in a fairly large park and worth a walk there
  • Malmö Saluhall-small food market with several options. I ate one of the best masses of my life here
  • Nordic Style Coffee Malmö Laboratory-excellent coffee with several options that are outside the rule.

This evening, back in Copenhagen, we stayed for the hostel enjoying happy hour and decided to go out to a place advised by a girl who worked at the Steel House - oProud Mary Pub. Although a little touristy, the truth is that we ended up having a lot of fun and going there more than once.

The next day we went to the highlight of the trip, without a doubt! TheLouisiana Museum of Modern ArtIt is a little far from Copenhagen, about 45 minutes by train-the price of the trip there is about 18 € per person, return.

With exhibitions by Nan Goldin, Yayoi Kusama, Louise Bourgeois, it was by far the most beautiful museum I have ever been to.

In addition to the pieces being incredible, the museum's own set seemed out of a film. The ticket to enter costs 19 €.

As usual, I leave you the links to the Google Maps lists with places of interest:



Text: Francisco Barros

Photos:Tomás Oliveira

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