Platforms ofStreaming? Let's go to them all!

We will show you a little bit of our favorite series on all platforms and, for that, we start with the pioneerNetflix.

The series referred to below are not in specific order of preference.

Stranger Things

Located somewhere in the 1980 s, we follow the story of a group of friends who see one of their members disappear under strange circumstances. The small town of Hawkins finds its own in a search for Will that makes them discover the dimension of the'Upside Down'After a research center opened a portal to it when experimenting with human beings, one of them being the beloved Eleven.

After 4 successful seasons, it has been confirmed that Season 5, to debut in early 2025, will be their last.

Sex Education

Is talking about sex still embarrassing? Not at all.

The story focuses on Otis, a teenager who, like everyone else, is lost and sometimes embarrassed by the development of his sex life. It turns out that, unlike most of his colleagues, Otis' mother is a sex therapist, so he grew up surrounded by manuals, videos and boring conversations about sex, which made him almost an expert on the subject.

As soon as classmates at the school discover this fact about Otis, the latter decides to use his knowledge to help other students, while improving his status at the high school. For this, he joins Maeve, a realBad ass, Extremely intelligent, and create a sex therapy clinic at school.

Black Mirror

This is the series that tests the limits of humanity and its connection with technology. Each episode is a different story where the temptation of humans to make technology a dangerous tool for ourselves is explored.

The episodes are extensive and can handle very heavy themes, so see your risk! The first season is absolute gold!

Fish Tail

National talent is not in short supply, either ahead or behind the camaras. Rabo de Peixe explores the tragedy that happened on the island of Rabo de Peixe when a ton of cocaine gave it to the coast, completely changing the lives of those who lived there.

I think the only negative is the almost romanticization of this tragedy, but, of course, it is a series and they need to capture the attention of the beholder.


We follow the story of Joe, who moves to New York looking for a new life, using a new identity. While working in his bookstore, Joe sees Guinevere, an aspiring writer, and then he asks "what would you be available to do for love?". The answer to this was everything!

Joe enters a game of obsession where old violent habits return to the limelight, removing anyone from Guinevere's life who can "face it".

These are our favorite series available onNetflixRight now. Have you seen them all? What are your favorite? Let's be aware👀

Text: Francisco Barros

04 of April of 2024 — Diana Nobre