Unlike Dune 1, the sequel did not make me question the 2:30 am I spent in front of the big screen.

The second part of Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Frank Herbert's literary work quickly entered the list of 10 films that I most enjoyed seeing on the big screen (ever!).

In this sequel we keep the focus on Paul Atreides who, together with Chani and the Fremen, prepares revenge against those who destroyed his family.

In a choice between love, by Chani, and the prevention of the future destroyer that he can predict, we managed to add more layers to the character ofTimothée ChalametWhile he has to choose between the love or the fate he was assigned.

The characters are very well worked out and the cast clearly understood the challenge they had at hand. My highlight goes to the character of Austin Butler, the villain Feyd-Rautha. Everything worked to make this character seem dangerous, psychotic and almost delinquent.

Still about the characters, I specifically liked that no one was just a hero or villain in Dune 2. All the characters bounced between principles, which made them more real.

The technical aspect of the film with Hans Zimmer's music is clearly theHoly grailFrom the movie. The landscapes, the special effects and the wardrobe, all these aspects that were already so good in themselves, gain an even greater intensity with the addition of the music to the scenes. The atmosphere was absolutely engaging and transports any of us to the middle of the desert with the other characters.

My advice is don't wait for Dune 2 on streaming and run, while you can, to the nearest big screen. Few movies are going to be as worthwhile as this one!

Text: Francisco Barros

28 of March of 2024 — Diana Nobre