We miss (purposely) a very important change in Bauy's processes and dynamics to understand acceptance with our community.

Taking into account the positive response to the latest products, we can make it official with you that Bauy has, finally, after 5 years, products with its own patterns and fabrics!

Our history, which begins with the search for the best fabrics in textile waste manufacturing, is proud and we do not wish to fail to honor that past, however, we often encountered problems associated with this dependence on fabrics discarded by other brands, the biggest of them all would be the fact that we can't do restock Of pieces loved by our community because, from the moment we finished the several meters of those fabrics, it was impossible for us to acquire more.

Now, and with the maturity of 5 long years of searching for the best options, we are creating patterns that you can fall in love with without ever having to deal with stock issues.

Our creative team is ecstatic, as you would imagine, and we have a lot of news on the way!

This whole step will be accompanied, as always, by a great concern with the environment that surrounds us, always opting for other options in different processes that allow us to return to the planet. Within some of these options we can highlight:

  • The No Washing parts with softener , A product that is chemical, for a more pleasant touch, opting for a more “raw” sale.
  • The use of the boxes that are sent in exchanges and returns for all our shipments , Accompanied by a sticker Identifying the box as an element that We reused .
  • Our dyeing is made in a factory certified as environmentally friendly Where they prioritize a circular economy system in the water used, for example.
  • We use All of our Raw materials Until the last inch , Taking the opportunity to make, for example, glasses bags, geeks and appliques in pieces.
  • More, more recently, as they must already be aware, the opening of the Bauy Community Shop .

Look out for what's on the way, but for now, you can take advantage of some of the pieces that are already 100% printed Bauy

Text Francisco Barros

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