It would be impossible to spend the Christmas month without mentioning the romantic comedies that invade television, social networks and streaming platforms.

It is a theme that divides the world and where there is no place between. Here you can't order a meet me halfway, or you love it or you hate it. It is almost like receiving socks as a gift (yes, there are those who value receiving socks as a Christmas gift).

Romantic comedies are already a controversial theme overall, but then Christmas romantic comedies... well... This is a whole Armageddon of clichés, completely unimaginable situations and happy endings that no one has ever experienced in real life.

I could continue this text to pretend that I hate them because, in fact, I have every reason to do so. Most often they are weak stories in which you perceive the plot since the 15 minutes of the film, the ending is totally predictable, the characters are superficial to ensure that everyone finds a trait in which they feel related and says "it could be me", Almost like the signs-but I'm not going to get into this lost war.

The truth is that we people experience a phenomenon in the holiday season that I'm going to call the magic of Christmas, okay? Parolo? Sim. Will I keep? Obviamente.
Christmas is about reunions with the family you see twice a year, it is about drinking so much port during the 24th that you arrive at supper and your grandmother asks you why you are so rosy. It's the time when we allow ourselves to be truly clingy, just like, guess what... The Christmas romantic comedies.

Yes, I will admit, they are a necessary evil and I consume all the ones I can find on streaming platforms. I want to see the happy ending that no one has ever experienced because the positivity of Christmas is fed on me in the form of sponge cake and queen cake. I want a basic love story that allows me to be sitting, with feet on the heater, and my only concern at that moment is whether the couple will really be together.

So, and to celebrate that we can see romantic Christmas comedy without being judged, I leave you here a list of some films that are really worth it (even if they are not romantic comedies and are just Christmas movies):

Therefore, this Christmas, he takes the blanket on the couch, without shame, and prepares the binge watching of all these Christmas films.

Therefore, Bauy wishes you all a Merry Christmas and we hope to see you by 2024

Text Francisco Barros

18 of December of 2023 — Diana Nobre