After the rumor about the musical theme of your next album,BeyonceLeft no doubt during Super Bowl LVIII. It was in an ad for Verizon that the star announced an Act II to the last album"Reinassance”And that this would be in a genre not yet touched by it-country.

The truth is that country is not a musical genre that is so far removed from the pop audience and theTaylor Swift, Who continues to make history in pop, started her career in country and herselfMiley Cyrus, Due to his family, he also had a special connection, honored on the album“Younger Now”Of the same.

Still in pop, and just before Beyonce's announcement,LAna delReyAlso announced that your next album will be based on the country genre, which makes me believe that the next Grammys will be full of cowboy hats. The truth is that country has always been a genre that has gone largely unnoticed in Europe, and in America it is extremely popular and allows artists of this style to live as realrockstars, Even if in Europe the general public does not know them.

Are the American stars realizing the potential of country in Europe and, finally, invested in boosting it here too? Admittedly, I'm going to be here to realize, since country is something I really appreciate.

However, if they live under a rock, Beyoncé has already released the first two singles-16 CARRIAGESAndTEXAS HOLD 'EM-Which are excellent, if you ask me👀

Still in country, and as a personal suggestion, they can pass through the profile of theOrville PeckAnd listen specifically to the albumPony. You’re in for a ride 🤠

Text: Francisco Barros

13 of March of 2024 — Diana Nobre