As I shared with you on the Latest Backpacks Bauy , Our stay came to an end in the capital of Albania To follow paths to the beaches of blue and warm waters.

Day 2 we left the center of Tirana for the airport, not to travel back, but to Rent a car , Something that was extremely cheap, About 30 € per day .

Time to turn on the GPS, heading to Dhërmi , Which was more than 3 hours away! Still, the travel time was totally worth it, in addition to the totally impressive view from the top of the mountains, when arriving at Dhërmi , It became clear that it was one of the most beautiful places I 've ever had in my entire life.

We stayed in a private Villa, with modern houses and with private beach. With this, the first thing we did, around 6 pm, the time we arrived, was to run to the beach and take our first swim of the holidays. The view was stunning, on one side the Mediterranean Sea and on the other the mountains that guarded Dhërmi almost as a secret.

The food, already much more expensive than in Tirana, was great! A lot of Italian options or delicious fish dishes, very similar to those we have in Portugal, however, I say, we make potatoes VERY better

We had two days in this city, so we chose to go and see the nightlife on this day. Most of the beach clubs Were closed because we were in the “off-season” But, still, we managed to find a beach bar where we danced the whole night with a group of people from various corners of the world-New Zealand, Florence, Montenegro, etc

We dedicate the day after the energy recovery and choose to stay by the beach of our Villa for the whole day.

We had the check in Dhërmi, it was time to proceed to the last big city of our trip- Sarandë .

Even more beautiful, Sarandë is almost an Albufeira from Albania. Rather more urban and modernized, the city was full of life, whether residents or tourists.

The arrival day was spent on the beach, were it not for this the Albanian tourist spot that we most wanted to focus on. We ended up drinking Moscow Mules this afternoon at Jericho Cocktail Bar , A small place overlooking the marina.

At dusk, we also went to Sarandë to realize the northernmost life, with the idea of returning home early. We are very sorry to be there in the "off-season" which, in my opinion, begins to be practiced too early. They were 30 degrees And somehow it was hard to find beach bars still open on October.

Last big day and we had the activity that we were most excited about all marked! A boat tour, private, during 6 am . A small boat opeared by residents of the region, showed us several points absolutely unmissable and accessible only by boat. Guess what, this tour was 20 € per person


That same day, we went to Vlorë , Nearest large city to Tirana. It was a strategic point for us to take a plane back to Portugal, in Tirana, the next morning.

Still, I felt that Vlorë is a huge city, full of potential, which made me sad to know that I could not experience it, due to lack of time.

The tradition of the annual trip of Groupstick Was completed and we were all quite happy with the choice of destiny.


I believe that, for me, it was not the last time that I visit Albania, and the next I want to go through the North, to a different type of landscape.

Unmade backpack, it remains for me to think what the next destination will be ✈️

Text Francisco Barros

10 of November of 2023 — Diana Nobre