The last few days it was almost impossible to finish something! We are only 3 people in the studio working all the time, one for shipping, is Margarida, one for client support and social media content, is Inês, and me... doing everything about creation, about having ideas, choosing materials, changing the label... bah! so much stuff this last days but i would like to share with you some pictures around here about all the process we are doing, but fiiiiirst, is not a professional way to shooting everything but just the most organic and real, is 100% the way our days are going right now.

We decided not to buy any more leftovers from other companies until finished with our leftovers! This is the view that we have around here, and we decided to finish with all off it, put the best creation on that, trying to be the best creative that i can, i do my best to create pieces without buying anything, just doing only with what we have here.

And just buy the little things we need to make the details, like zippers, buttons, just little things that make the all difference around here.

Going to the dressmaker and doing the fitting is the thing that makes me smile, seeing everything getting ready!!! And for those who don't know, dressmaker ateliers are the best when we are talking about mess, but I love to work with these ladies, so human, with such a pure way to work and a humble way to show their lives.

Well and after having the most of the pieces ready, this week we did a lot of dyes, experiences... oh gosh! the lot!

The collection is not finished yet, but we hope you liked it!! Was made thinking about the big human problem:  accumulators! Most of us have this problem, so we decided to work with what we have, that is a lot, and make art with all of this!

Handmade is the new way to wear ART! With all the love and all the kindness that we have in our heart as a human being.

See you around there, and i hope with one of this piece of ART :)

11 of November of 2022 — Diana Nobre