It feels like we're back!!

This month of January and February we are completely focused on producing the new collection, and it is a giant challenge, since we commit to only make collections with our own leftovers, and in this way it takes much more creativity, much more effort, to maintain or even improve the quality of our collections, without having new fabrics, new patterns, at least in our eyes, because some of them, will be new to you, not to us, because we have already looked at them for a few months and never arranged a destination for them.

Maaaaas... These next two collections are made only with our waste, both accessories and clothing, until then, we continue to share with you super cool people with the pieces we have available.

Look with @marianacastromoreira : Pants, sweater, cap, glasses... The wallet will be available in the next collection.

02 of February of 2023 — Diana Nobre