More than ever we are all aware of the help we need to give to the planet! At Christmas there is great consumerism and waste. To combat this there is nothing better than shopping consciously.

Help us help our planet! Around here, everything is done with as little waste as possible. This new collection was made only with our own waste: fabrics that we had stopped, dyeing inks that were left over from past collections, we reused the solution we made, we didn't throw away that water with ink, since it is a big pollutant, and we went back to use it in new pieces, until those remains of paint become such a low quantity that we can no longer dye even a t-shirt! In this collection we made several pieces with these leftover paint: dresses, shirts, t-shirts, etc.

Who doesn't panic at this point?

We're in! We never know what to give uncle to aunt, sister, mother!! Anyway! Here are some suggestions!

Bomber €85.99 

Our biggest best seller ever in decoration! Packs of 30 printed images 15x20cm

Print pack €16.99

T-shirts dyed manually with leftover paint from previous collections! The best of everything? They are UNISEX!

Mothers, aunts, grandmothers are sometimes the most difficult, but things at home always go well!

Vast: €29.99

Cup of coffee: €6.99

02 of December of 2022 — Diana Nobre