The power of black and white will be always bigger than colors! Make you imagine much more, feeling much more, diving much deeper! 

One time, we were talking with someone, that confessed to us: "i really like your brand, but is only for others, not for me", i was like: "but why?", she said with obviously face "because is clothes for people to where on the instagram, is not to use in a normal day, going to the school, or working, you don't have anything with nude colors". 

That day, change our way to work. I'm a photographer, and i'm the same person that designs all the pieces you see here, and for me was so difficult to remove my photographer mind when i was creating the clothes, i was always thinking about the pieces who will give the best pictures to do, and i never thought about anything more than this. But my purpose with this brand was create clothing to use in every moments in your life: cozy moments at home, festival times, holidays, going to a party, a romantic dinner. My goal was always to create a brand where you can find all the type of clothing, for all the occasions you have. And in that day i had the light that i needed to go farther. 





10 de outubro de 2022 — Diana Nobre