Do you know we only produce what you buy, of most of the clothing? Is our way to help the planet! So, only after you do your order we will produce kindly your clothing. 

We're 2 surfers, this is equal to nature lover, at least should be :) ... Well we builded our brand, because me, Diana, wanted to quiet from fashion photography, i wanted to stop to work for other brands, and start shooting only clothing i like to work, to give the feeling i love on the pictures, and make the ideas i want without waiting for a client accept my idea, so... I closed my company, Blanket Studio, and started the brand without have any job, any way to get money, this was the best to give always my best. 

We wanted to do our job, without to damage more our planet, so, we work with leftovers from the factories, with eco-friendly dyes, with dressmakers instead factories, paper shipping boxes, when we do our own patterned, we tried to work with less fabric we can, for not to waste feedstock, and only make more if the pieces are going well. 

With our leftovers, we do scrunchies, sunnies bags and details on clothing. 

23 de setembro de 2022 — Diana Nobre